Foreign Currency Management
In ECOUNT ERP, you can manage foreign currency and won in dual.
You can display them on the book at the same time, or you can display only foreign currency separately.
  • Currency units can be registered without restrictions
  • You can register a foreign currency bank account and customer using foreign currency.
  • Integrated book management with foreign currencies is possible.
    • Is foreign currency input possible?
      Yes. You can input foreign currency amount for export/import, and check them in currency ledger.
    • I would like to see the amount converted from the foreign currency book in our domestic currency. Is it possible?
      If you enter the exchange rate in each slip, you can check the conversion amount according to the exchange rate.
    • What currencies does foreign currency reports support?
      There are no restrictions on foreign currency types. It can be freely registered and utilized.
    • Can I set both the domestic price and foreign currency price for a single item?
      You can set the unit price to use as a base currency or foreign currency, and you can add unit price information.
    • Can I manage foreign currency reports separately for each customers?
      You can check the entire Currency Ledger or look up for each customer separately.
    • Can I apply exchange rate in bulk for multiple transactions?
      Yes. You can apply or modify the exchange rate in bulk for multiple transactions.
    • Can I register customers/vendors that use foreign currency?
      Foreign currency customers can be registered, and the exchange rate to be used for each transactions can also be registered.
    • Can I enter foreign currency amount with a decimal point?
      You can set the number of decimal places and reflect it in your input screens and reports.
    • Can I register my foreign bank account?
      You can register foreign currency bank accounts managed by your company.
    • Can I also input foreign currency remittances overseas?
      You can register your foreign bank account and input the overseas remittance.
    • Is it possible to display the foreign currency amount in the financial statements?
      The amount entered in foreign currencies are displayed in foreign currency ledgers. It will reflect the currency exchange rate you have input into each transaction slips.
    • How many foreign currencies can I register?
      You can register foreign currencies without any limit.
    Main Features
    • Foreign Currency Registration
      • Register as many currencies as you need, such as dollars and yuan.
      • By setting exchange rate and decimal places for each currency unit, custom management by trading country is possible.
    • Foreign Currency Transaction Information
      • Set whether to use foreign currency by bank or customer.
      • When entering a transaction, the foreign currency input screen is automatically configured by specifying a foreign currency account and a customer.
    • Foreign Currency Book Management
      • The amount of Korean won and the amount of foreign currency are displayed at the same time on various financial statements such as the Fund Statement.
      • Easily check the history of foreign currency transactions by currency unit, customer, and account through Currency Ledger.
    Foreign Currency Management