Fixed Assets Management
Ecount's Fixed Assets feature allows the program to calculate depreciation
so that you can see related outputs at a glance such as Asset Book, and reflect the results of the calculations in the accounting data immediately.
  • You can classify and manage your assets as needed.
  • Depreciation can be calculated automatically to reflect the nature of the asset.
    • Is automatic calculation of depreciation possible?
      Of course. Depreciation can be calculated automatically based on the useful life of fixed assets, depreciation method, scrap value, and so on.
    • Can I manage my machinery/buildings/land separately?
      Yes. Fixed assets can be registered and entered in advance by its type.
    • Can I register the fixed assets I held before the introduction of ECOUNT?
      You can register and manage the initial acquisition and depreciation history of the assets you held before the initiation of ECOUNT.
    • Can I manage the disposal of fixed assets?
      Yes. By registering the details of disposal of fixed assets, you can check disposal status at a glance.
    • Can I also register the amount of non-expenses?
      Yes. You can manage the fixed assets by entering the depreciable amount separately.
    • Can I register my fixed asset details in bulk?
      Yes. It is easy to register in bulk by uploading data in Excel.
    • Can I download the Fixed Asset Book to Excel?
      Of course. You can download all printouts to Excel as well as fixed asset books.
    • Can I manage my company's assets such as machinery, vehicles, buildings and fixtures?
      Yes. You can register various fixed asset types acquired by the company and manage the fixed asset book separately.
    • Is it possible to process settlement of depreciation?
      The depreciation history calculated by ERP can be immediately reflected in the financial statements.
    • Is it possible to manage assets acquired before the initiation of ECOUNT ERP?
      If you register the depreciation history of the first acquired history and the used period, you can continue to manage the fixed assets held before the introduction of ECOUNT.
    • When you sell or discard an asset, how do you handle it?
      t is possible to sell and dispose it through reduction of fixed assets, and it can be automatically reflected in the journal entry process in accounting.
    • Is there a way to register a fixed asset at a time?
      You can easily upload your company's assets to ERP by using Excel Uploader.
    • Can I manage the quantity of fixed assets?
      Yes. When you register a fixed asset, you can choose whether to manage the quantity or not, and you can check the increase and decrease amount of the asset in the fixed assets account.
    • When calculating depreciation, can I set the depreciation rate myself?
      Yes. You can directly set the depreciation rate for each year, and after the calculation, you can modify the depreciation cost of each asset to the desired amount.
    • Can I convert fixed assets data in to Excel?
      You can easily download various reports such as fixed asset books to Excel.
    Main Features
    • Fixed Asset Management
      • Enter the depreciation method, useful life, scrap value, etc., and manage them by type.
      • As the asset status changes, it can be treated as an increase, disposal by sales, or disposal. It is possible to manage the history of increase and decrease of quantity and amount by asset.
    • Depreciation Calculation
      • Just enter the basic information for each asset and you can automatically calculate your depreciation.
      • The calculated depreciation amount can be immediately reflected in the accounting settlement data.
      • The acquisition history and depreciation calculations prior to the introduction of ECOUNT ERP can be reflected.
    Fixed Assets Management