Financial Reports
Executives need to quickly review the reports they need, to make decisions.
With ECOUNT, you can quickly see the data you need, to make decisions anytime, anywhere.
  • Provide all the necessary books for business management.
  • You can check the reports you need anytime, anywhere.
  • Provides reports in a variety of formats.
    • Can I see the full transaction history including sales, purchases and receivable status?
      You can see the overall performance of your sales/purchases/received amount/payment amount at a glance in Management Report.
    • Is it possible to report sales status by graph to executives on a monthly basis?
      Yes. You can see monthly sales figures in a graph form by using the [Graph] menu.
    • Can I check sales for each salespeople?
      By using Inventory Summary report function, you can check sales performances and sales amount by each salesperson and by customer. It is easy to summarize sales details in general.
    • Can I check my company's cash and funds?
      You can check the details of the funds by the output date such as the fund statement, the cash flow, and so on.
    • Can I check the income statement monthly?
      Of course. You can view your income statement monthly or you can see the monthly profit and loss at a glance.
    • Can I check the receivables status and collection plan status for each month?
      Yes. You can check the monthly amount of receivables and the status of collections for each customer in the AR/AP Aging Details menu.
    • Can I check the purchase tax and sales tax at once? I would like to know the tax refund amount.
      Yes. You can easily check the tax in the purchase/sales book, so you can easily calculate the tax refund.
    • I would like to see how much I've spent on each account. Is that possible?
      You can check the incurred costs immediately by viewing the desired period in the ledger and Payments Journal Sum.
    • Can I check my financial statement in English?
      Since we provide an overseas form as a default, you can view the Balance Sheet in English. You can also set the form title in English.
    Main Features
    • Reports for Management
      • You can immediately check the reports required for management decisions such as the Cash Report, Fund Statement, Monthly Income Statement, etc.
      • You can receive daily management reports by e-mail without accessing ECOUNT
    • Check Real-Time Reports
      • With only Internet connection, you can check the status of your business from anywhere.
      • You can check the situation in real time from outside, and you can give work instructions in a timely manner.
    • Provide Various Reports
      • Tables, graphs, graphs, etc. can be easily checked in your favorite form.
      • You can easily check the desired business data of various periods, such as past, present and all.
    Financial Reports