Easy Entry
ECOUNT is an easy-to-use program for beginners who do not know the journal.
If you enter only the customer, transaction amount, and withdrawal method according to the transaction situation, the program prepares the slip in the form of double entry bookkeeping.
  • Even accounting beginners can use the automatic journal entry function to input accounting slips.
  • All of your accounting books are automatically reflected in the data even if you do not create them separately.
  • It is possible to manage inventory and accounting in conjunction with sales and purchasing materials.
    Main Features
    • Simple Input
      • Provides function of direct journal entry for accounting expert and automatic journal entry for beginners.
      • If you enter only the basic information such as the customer, the amount, the difficult journal entry is done automatically.
    • Real-time Financial Reports
      • Anything you enter in ECOUNT ERP will be automatically reflected in the relevant ledger.
      • You can always check the necessary books or ledgers, without having to make a separate report.
    • Organic link with other functions
      • You can easily link inventory slips such as sales, purchasing, production etc. with accounting slips.
      • You can precisely control the transaction price by preventing the omission of the AR/AP data.
      • Each menu is linked organically, so you can easily manage the tasks between departments.
    Easy Entry