Easy Entry
ECOUNT is an easy-to-use program for beginners who do not know the journal.
If you enter only the customer, transaction amount, and withdrawal method according to the transaction situation, the program prepares the slip in the form of double entry bookkeeping.
  • Even accounting beginners can use the automatic journal entry function to input accounting slips.
  • All of your accounting books are automatically reflected in the data even if you do not create them separately.
  • It is possible to manage inventory and accounting in conjunction with sales and purchasing materials.
    • Is it possible for users who are not familiar with journalizing to manage their accounts?
      The automatic entry function helps beginners to input double entry book keeping, making it easier for them to use.
    • What are the criteria for automatic journalization?
      Your frequent journal entries are organized in a separate menu, and you can set up a standard account subject to be automatically journalized per menu.
    • How do I process a deposit from my credit card company to my account after card sales, when the amount was paid except the fee?
      You can easily process the payment through the Payment Received from Merchant Account menu. If you fill in the amount deposited, the commission is also automatically journalized.
    • Is it possible to easily enter accounts using corporate credit cards?
      It is possible to process journal entries automatically through the menu called Receipt and Credit Card Receipt. However, you can use various accounting books if you enter the expenses account.
    • Can I easily enter my purchase/sales slip?
      There is a menu called Sales Invoice 1/Purchase Invoice 1 that can be automatically journalized, and it is easy to select the type of sales tax according to the situation.
    • I have too many purchases/sales history entries to enter them all separately.
      It supports Excel Uploader and NTS data interworking. By using the Inventory menu, data generated from sales/purchasing can be easily interlocked and processed.
    • It is too hard to manage the note. Is there a better way?
      We support automatic entry menu such as Increase of Note Receivable, Decrease of Note Receivable, Increase of Notes Payable, Decrease of Notes Payable, Notes Endorsement, etc., and transaction details can be checked for each note receivable through various accounting reports.
    • Is there a way to make accounting easier for banking and lending?
      Yes. You can easily manage the fees for loan/repayment by the menu called Bank Loan and Loan Repayment/Interest.
    • Is it okay to use the automatic journal entry menu without using the direct journal entry menu?
      Of course. Whether you are a direct journalist or not, the accounting book is equally reflected so that both accounting professionals and beginners can manage your finances well.
    • We journalize debit and credit, is it possible to enter it more easily?
      You can easily make journal entries automatically through the Sales/Purchase Invoice 2 menu, and you can easily check the journal entries and modify them directly.
    • Can employees enter payment without knowing accounting terms?
      We automatically invoice your corporate card usage, so employees can easily enter their expenses even if they do not know accounting well.
    • There are too many card usage, so it's too difficult to enter one by one. Is there another way?
      Excel Uploader function allows you to enter the card details at once, and it makes it easier for you to carry out your business by automatically importing your corporate card usage history.
    • Can I upload my past tax statements?
      Yes. You can download the details from the NTS to Excel and upload them as they are.
    • Do I need to enter my transaction history one by one?
      You do not have to enter each one, you can easily save your account receipt history by ECOUNT and save it as a slip.
    • I would like to have employees enter their expenses directly, but they do not know accounting. Is it possible?
      Of course. Simply enter your payment method, account, and amount to process your spend. This record is automatically journalized into debit/credit, so the accountant can check the book in double entry bookkeeping.
    Main Features
    • Simple Input
      • Provides function of direct journal entry for accounting expert and automatic journal entry for beginners.
      • If you enter only the basic information such as the customer, the amount, the difficult journal entry is done automatically.
    • Real-time Financial Reports
      • Anything you enter in ECOUNT ERP will be automatically reflected in the relevant ledger.
      • You can always check the necessary books or ledgers, without having to make a separate report.
    • Organic link with other functions
      • You can easily link inventory slips such as sales, purchasing, production etc. with accounting slips.
      • You can precisely control the transaction price by preventing the omission of the AR/AP data.
      • Each menu is linked organically, so you can easily manage the tasks between departments.
    Easy Entry