Cost/Expense Control
Costs used by companies should be clear in their source and purpose,
The entire process from the approval of the decision maker to the enforcement needs to be transparent.
  • You can reflect in your account books the costs approved by the final approver.
  • You can set and control budgets by funding scope
  • There is no need to write the details twice for interlocking with groupware(e-approval).
    • Can I specify a limit for each cost, such as gasoline or other expenses?
      You can do this by using the Expenses Management menu. After you register the type, you can specify a limit amount for each cost.
    • Can I limit the amount of money an employee can use?
      Yes. The Expenses Management menu allows you to specify a limit amount per account, and limit the input when it exceeds.
    • We are a non-profit corporation. Can I set a budget to avoid exceeding the cost?
      Yes. You can restrict the slip from being saved when the budget is exceeded.
    • There is a fixed monthly expense for each month. Can I set it up?
      Yes. You can specify a time period for controlling costs on a monthly basis.
    • I would like to only view the cost history that the employee used.
      You can use the Expenses Management menu to create expense details per employee and easily view them by each user.
    • What happens if I exceed my costs?
      If you exceeded the limit set by the company, you may indicate that you exceeded the stated amount when registering your costs.
    • Is there a feature that allows me to enter my expenses and get approval for it separately?
      Of course. All accounting slips, including Payment Journal, can be set to be reflected in the accounting books, after the approval processed by the manager. There is also a way to use the groupware supplementary services to conduct an electronic approval.
    Main Features
    • Expense Management through Payment
      • If the employee enters the slip for the expenditure, it can be reflected in the account book after approval by the Final Approver.
      • You can implement the accounting slip payment process in ECOUNT ERP without a separate payment system.
      • You can grant approval authority by user ID to control whether the slip is reflected
    • Fund Management control
      • You can set the budget limit for each department, project, and account.
      • When the limit is exceeded, the notification function allows you to check the excess and prevent the slip from being saved
    • Groupware(e-approval) Interlocking
      • You can attach an ERP accounting slip as a reference when creating e-approval drafts.
      • When the approval is completed, the referenced slip will be reflected in the account book.
      • You can establish a dual confirmation system between the approval department and the executive department.
    Cost/Expense Control