Contract Management
Consecutive billing transactions, such as usage fees and rentals, can be collectively invoiced by using the Contract Mgmt. function.
  • You can create your own contract transaction types.
  • If you have a long-term contract, you can register in advance and request it periodically.
  • Multiple contracts can be invoiced at once.
    • Can I manage repeated sales that occur at a regular basis?
      Yes. Through the Contract Management menu, you can process sales that occur at a regular basis.
    • Can I manage details on contracts made with another company in ECOUNT?
      Yes. You can register your contract history and create an account book based on it.
    • Can I send the billing information in bulk?
      Yes. You can set billing criteria to manage for each customer, and also generate bills for each customer in bulk.
    • Can I issue a tax invoice in bulk based on my bill?
      Based on the details of your billing information, you can issue a separate tax invoice for each customer.
    • Is it possible to distinguish between the balance by contract that have been claimed and those that are not?
      Yes. You can see the breakdown of the charge and check the unclaimed amount for each contract.
    • We apply a different price per contract quantity. Is it possible to set this?
      By setting the price according to the contract quantity differently, you can apply this automatically when registering the contract.
    • Can I check the payment status of each contract by dividing it into a down payment, a mid payment, and a balance?
      Yes. You can freely generate billing units to see the status of each billing unit. You can easily manage your down payment, mid deposit, and balance by registering them as billing units.
    • I want to manage the contract number separately within the company. Can I manage multiple numbers so that they do not overlap?
      When you input contract data, you can enter the contract number and check for duplicates.
    • Is it possible to manage repetitive sales?
      Yes. Repeated sales can be pre-registered and processed at once.
    • Can I manage the history of multiple contracts and process sales?
      You can register and confirm several contracts through the contract management menu, and issue a bill or an invoice.
    • Is it possible to manage repeated sales, even though they are not repeated every single month?
      Yes. You can manage sales by specific date through contract management menu.
    • Can I manage by contract terms?
      When registering a contract, you can specify the contract period and manage it.
    Main Features
    • Contract Management Optimization
      • You can register contract items based on price, billing frequency, or type.
        (E.g. subscription fee, usage fee, down payment, etc.)
      • When a contract occurs, you can set the items that can be entered
    • Regular Billing Registration
      • If you enter only the due date and the end date of billing, the amount and billing date will be set automatically when you register the contract item.
      • Unit price and quantity can be changed collectively even if the terms of the established contract are changed
    • Bulk Invoicing Feature
      • The invoicing month and date can be collectively invoiced for a large number of contracts.
      • The Pre-invoicing Status allows you to check the contract items that are under billing, and bill immediately.
    Contract Management