Travel Expenses Management
You can use ECOUNT to manage business trip costs so that employees can enter them directly during the trip.
You can also view costs executed by personnel/item, so it is easily to check the expenditure of expenses.
  • You can create your own cost management system.
  • Employees who came back from a business trip, can enter their own expenses directly.
  • Detailed cost analysis is possible.
    • I would like to have my employees enter the business trip cost details themselves.
      Expense types and items can be registered in advance so that anyone can easily create an expense slip by themselves. In addition, the input contents can be grouped by employee/business trip type.
    • Is it possible to limit the amount by dividing the type according to the cost?
      You can set a limit for each espense type. When the limit is exceeded, a notification popup message will let the use know that they have exceeded the limit. They may or may not be able to save the slips, depending on its settings.
    • Is it possible to distinguish between the character and type of our company's expenses?
      Yes. You can use separate expense types according to the business setting.
    • How can I link expenses to accounting journals?
      You can easily create expense slips you have entered in the form of a Payment Journal or S/A Journal.
    • Is it possible to manage expenses that occur on a regular basis?
      Of course. You can set a recurring cycle for costs (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every time) to manage fixed costs.
    • Can I see cost history for each user?
      Yes. You can view by users, by dates and amounts at a glance through expense reports.
    • Is it possible to control who uses which cost?
      Yes. You can set whether or not to control the people who use the cost and register the usage number.
    • How can I identify whether it is a personal expense or a company expense?
      Yes. When you create a cost statement, you have an item that can tell whether it is personal expense or a company expense. When you reflect these data into accounting reports, personal expenses should be written in S/A Journal, and company expenses should be written in Payment Journal.
    • Is it possible to check by each expense type?
      Yes. You can distinguish each expense type and also check individual reports on them.
    • I want each employees not to see the costs that others have spent, is it possible?
      The ID of the general employees can be set to only use the input menu for entering data purposes, whereas the accounting team or relavant people can view everything.
    • Can I check my past business trip history at a glance?
      You can view the expenses in the form of report by employee/business trip field/date in Expenses Status
    • Can expense-related reports be modified?
      Yes the template for expense lists and status menus can be set and modified.
    Main Features
    • Expense Management
      • Business trip type and expense items can be customized to suit your business structure.
      • You can specify the control method for each expense, whether to limit, limit amount, notification method, etc.
      • You can register and manage the travel period, the number of people traveling and the cost items you use. Division of Labor
    Travel Expenses Management