AR/AP Transaction Management
In industries with long contract periods, such as construction orders, program construction, or large transaction amounts per case
It's just as important to keep track of each transaction as much as overall cash management.
  • You can manage AR/AP by transaction.
  • You can analyze the transaction history entered in various reports.
    • Can I check my collection/payment status for each customer?
      You can manage the receipt/payment status by generating a number for each AR/AP.
    • Is it possible to manage the part payment/balance?
      The remaining amount of all the receivables/payables is manageable, and you can check and input the part-payment/balance status with ECOUNT.
    • Can I manage the receivables in detail?
      You can manage receivables in detail by checking receivable/debt transaction details and reduction/increase status.
    • Can I check receivables for each transaction and enter them easily?
      Accounts receivable/payables reduction registration menu allows you to easily enter the deposit/expenditure history for the trial.
    • Can I input details such as purchases/sales discounts easily?
      The New Receivable/Payable Payment menu allows you to enter and process the details of the purchase/sale discount as a slip.
    • Can I manage only the receivables/payables without reflecting it in accounting?
      Through the Receivable/Payable Payment menu, you can register and manage the reduction record without reflecting it in accounting.
    • Is it possible to manage the due dates on receivables?
      When you enter sales/purchase for each transaction, you can set the expiration date and search for the period.
    • Can I manage my deposits/payments with cash, banks, notes, checks, etc. for each transaction per customer?
      You can manage the breakdown by searching for the decrease type in Payable/Receivable Payment Status.
    • Is it possible to manage creditworthiness per customer?
      Through per transaction management, you can accumulate A/R data, from this you can get an idea on their credit level.
    • Can I manage my accrued balance on a monthly basis?
      AR/AP Aging Details menu enables you to check the progress of your account at a glance.
    • Is it possible to control which specific transaction has been received from a list of past transactions?
      Yes. You can assign a designated tracking number to each transaction and select the number when collecting.
    • Can I see only the receivables that are due today?
      You can check by each due date on the Receivable Management menu.
    • Can I easily check receivables and due balances for each customer on a monthly basis?
      Yes. You can see the receivables and balances at a glance for each customer in the AR Aging Details menu.
    • Can I easily see when my account balance has been accrued?
      You can easily check the balance of receivables and the amount of uncollected receipts from the AR Aging Details.
    • We buy raw materials from a customer and purchase consumables too. Can we manage the debt to be paid separately?
      In the Payable Management menu, you can see at a glance the total amount you have entered for each account/customer.
    • I want to check by which payment method the receivables were collected.
      By registering the received type in the Receivable Management menu, it is possible to summarize by each receivable type. You can see whether you have received by cash, card and so on, by each payment method.
    Main Features
    • AR/AP Management
      • You can select how to manage the details of receivables and payables.
      • If you set management by invoice, you can set a number and expiration date when you enter the details of the sales/purchase.
      • The collection and payment can be processed for each assigned control number
    • Transaction history analysis
      • Through the AR/AP Aging Details, you can check the progress of each case at a glance.
      • It can be used as a criterion for evaluating the persistence and creditworthiness of each customer.
    AR/AP Transaction Management