Chart of Accounts
Account is the basis for accounting operations.
By adding and modifying accounts for your company, you can make your accounting work more efficient.
  • You can easily register your account.
  • You can subdivide and manage the accounts.
    Main Features
    • Account Settings
      • You can add unlimited account to suit your company.
      • Using the copy function, you can easily register an account without complicated settings.
      • You can use the default account based on K-IFRS without having to add a separate account.
    • Input Account Segmentation
      • Various remarks codes can be set in one account, so it can be managed separately without separating the accounts.
      • You can check the accounting book based on the remark code in the account.
      • It is useful when one account is used for multiple expense items, such as payments for the major insurance companies.
    Chart of Accounts