Chart of Accounts
Account is the basis for accounting operations.
By adding and modifying accounts for your company, you can make your accounting work more efficient.
  • You can easily register your account.
  • You can subdivide and manage the accounts.
    • Can I create or edit account codes easily?
      Yes. Account codes can be created or modified directly for your company's accounting purpose. Creating new account codes and modifying old ones are both easy.
    • We are a Non-profit Organization. Can I created multiple levels for an account code?
      If necessary, you can register steps and levels and check it on the Statement of Operation.
    • Can I view reports by each account code?
      You can view by account code, as well as by department/project in all accounting reports.
    • Can I upload Chart of Accounts at once?
      Yes. You can easily upload a new Chart of Accounts in a batch by using Excel. You can also download them in Excel format too.
    • Can I set up a list of commonly used account codes?
      If you add a remarks column to account codes, you can easily enter it without typing it every time.
    • Can I use the basic account codes and use the accounting system right away?
      Default Chart of Accounts are provided so you can start with your accounting straightaway.
    • Can I change an account code to be another code?
      If you use Change Code function, yes, you can change an account code to be something else you have registered.
    • Is it possible to create my own Chart of Accounts?
      Yes. You can change the provided Chart of Accounts.
    • Do I have to register a list of account codes to use the program for the first time?
      Default Chart of Accounts are provided so you can start with your accounting straightaway.
    • In our overseas branches, they also need to check accounting data in English. Is it possible to convert account codes automatically into another language?
      Yes. Since each account codes have a second display name, you can set it to be another language you want, and view reports with this specific display name.
    • Can I disable default account codes?
      Every single account code can be deactivated.
    • Can I set my company's account code to appear automatically when I enter an accounting slip?
      You can set up default account code for each input screen. Then the system will automatically recall the accounting code when you click on the account code field.
    • Can the Chart of Accounts list be turned back to its default settings?
      Yes in the registration menu you can set it to be back to default.
    • We are setting up budgets for each account code. Is it possible to do this?
      With budget management menu, you can set budgets for each account code and keep them controlled.
    • Is there a way to print data history by each account code?
      You can view major accounting reports - B/S, I/S, F/S, ledgers and many more - by each account code.
    Main Features
    • Account Settings
      • You can add unlimited account to suit your company.
      • Using the copy function, you can easily register an account without complicated settings.
      • You can use the default account based on K-IFRS without having to add a separate account.
    • Input Account Segmentation
      • Various remarks codes can be set in one account, so it can be managed separately without separating the accounts.
      • You can check the accounting book based on the remark code in the account.
      • It is useful when one account is used for multiple expense items, such as payments for the major insurance companies.
    Chart of Accounts