Why choose Ecount ERP?

The more you compare,
the more you'll find out that Ecount ERP is the tool you need.


Comparison with other ERPs

ECOUNT ERP is the perfect online ERP solution for small and midsized businesses. Many ERP solutions available today are costly, time-consuming, require resources (both financial and human), and require months to implement and deploy. However, ECOUNT ERP is designed specifically with the small and midsized business in mind. ECOUNT is a standardized, clould-based ERP option that only takes 1 day to implement. The time required to set-up and get accustomed to the program is signifcantly less than other options available. Take a look at the cost-analysis we've put together on the various ERP solutions available to small and medium-sized businesses.

ERP Provider

Features ECOUNT SaaS Providers
On-Premise ERP
Support Free $200+/month 20% of License
User Training Free Fee-based Fee-based
Cost (Small/Midsized Business) $55/month
$16,000 avg./year
$40,000 avg./year
$20,000 avg./year
$50,000 avg./year
User Licenses Unlimited Pay per user Pay per user
Free Upgrades Yes No No
IT Department Required No No Yes
Implementation Time One day 3-6 months 6-12 months
User Adoption High Medium Risky
OOP Server Costs $0 $0 $1000/ year