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Flatfair strives to provide customers with flat and fair pricing on furniture and an excellent shopping experience every step of the way. They provide a wide selection of exceptional, high-quality furniture with the latest contemporary, modern, casual, country, traditional, and luxurious designs in mind.
Company Name Flatfair Industry Furniture E-commerce
Number of Employees 30 Annual Revenue $6 Million
Website Years in Business 15

1. Why did you choose Ecount ERP?

Ecount ERP offered our company a way to eliminate the hassle of inventory discrepancies, increase team productivity, and open more opportunities to assist our customers.

2. What goals have you accomplished by using Ecount ERP?

As an Ecount ERP subscriber, we have stronger communication amongst all departments, decreased re-entry of customer information, and gained control of warehouse operations. We have refined our workflow which has led to more time to assist our customers.

3. What features and/or tools do you use most?

Our team members find the Fast Entry menu helpful due to how quickly we can submit necessary data to set up the system foundation. Inventory I has also made our purchasing process less painful and has led to real-time inventory reporting. In addition, our company finds having the Voucher List viewing essential for keeping books properly logged.