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Bioekuiliber has set out to provide effective inflammation relief. Their in-house designed and produced formula, Protocoxil, is a topical used to relieve inflammation and pain from injuries/overtraining in athletes, casual weekend warriors, and for supporting functional and pain free joints in the active community.
Company Name Bioekuiliber LLC Industry Natural Supplements
Number of Employees 2 Annual Revenue -
Website Years in Business 1

1. Why did you choose Ecount ERP?

Our company was in need of a system that could easily manage accounting and run real time inventory reports and that’s what we found with Ecount.

2. What goals have you accomplished by using Ecount ERP?

Even without an accounting background, our team has had the opportunity to learn how to better manage our finances thanks to Ecount. Also, the hassle that comes with filing taxes has completely been alleviated thanks to the tools that Ecount offers which makes filing taxes easy to understand and file.

3. What features and/or tools do you use most?

We use all of the modules that Ecount offers which integrate with one another in harmony.