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  • Web-based
    Affordable, Integrated, All-Inclusive, and Cloud-based
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  • Inventory
    Easy and instant access to all warehouses for real-time inventory tracking.
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  • Production
    Basic and advanced tools for managing assembly lines and multi-tiered BOM production cycles.
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  • Sales
    Fully integrated sales flow for accurate order tracking and profit calculation.
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  • Purchasing
    Predictive tools for estimating inventory shortages while minimizing overages and excess stock.
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  • Accounting
    Easy and advanced accounting tools for generating up-to-date financial statements anytime, anywhere.
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  • Payroll
    Maintain HR records, calculate payroll, and send paystubs via free online payroll portal.
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  • Groupware
    Keep your team connected via online boards and chat options as well as CRM capabilities.
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Not all cloud-based ERP systems are the same.
Ecount ERP is the only cutting-edge,
fully cloud-based system that is accessible from anytime, anywhere.
    Use Ecount ERP anytime, anywhere. We're with you wherever you go.
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    Create user IDs for your entire team at no additional cost. Have everyone use the same software without login limitations.
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    Have our experts access your computer via remote meetings for instant and personalized help.
  • Online Manuals
    Free online manuals covering all topics and workflows along with helpful how-to tips.
Trusted by more than 25,000 organizations for over 18 years.
  • “Our company was in need of a system that could easily manage accounting and run real time inventory reports.”
  • “Ecount ERP offered our company a way to eliminate the hassle of inventory discrepancies, increase team productivity, and open more opportunities to assist our customers!”
  • “Ecount ERP offered us all of the tools we needed in a management system at a price that matched our budget!”

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