Cloud-based ERP for Small Businesses

ECOUNT ERP is SaaS ERP software with the essential functions for small to medium sized businesses. With SaaS ERP, small and midsized businesses can better manage and plan their resources without the cost, time, and uncertainty of an on-premise ERP system.

The ECOUNT ERP software comes with the following modules:


  • Access anywhere at anytime
  • Personal customization allows for higher chance of user adoption
  • Subscription pricing = lower cost
  • Unlimited User IDs
  • Minimal time to deploy ERP software – just log in and it’s ready to go
  • No upfront costs – no servers, new equipment or IT department required
  • No system maintenance or costly upgrades
  • Multilingual – Offered in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Spanish


  • User Customization: Customize the settings and configure the workflow quickly and affordably.
    Because ECOUNT ERP is a turn-key program, system customization can be done easily by the Master IDs.
  • User IDs: Unlike other SaaS ERP providers, your subscription covers an unlimited number of User IDs.
  • Data Security: ECOUNT ERP has obtained the ISO 27001 certification for information security. Learn more about how we keep customer data secure.
  • Integrated system: ECOUNT ERP offers an integrated system to reduce re-keying and the risk of errors. Accounting, Inventory, Purchasing, Sales, Production and Groupware are integrated for improved workflow.
  • Free Upgrades: ECOUNT upgrades the system regularly at no extra cost. Learn more about system upgrades.
  • Free Support: Available to all users at no cost. You can email us, request a phone call, or visit the Q&A section.
  • Easy Setup: ECOUNT ERP is relatively easy to get up and running. The program is deployed in a matter of hours - not days. Users can migrate data through our Excel Add-on or web application.
  • Audit Trail: ECOUNT ERP tracks the changes made within the system so businesses can see who has entered, modified, and deleted data and when.
  • Mobile version: Users can access ECOUNT ERP through the browser on an iOS or Android phone - a great feature for sales people in the field.
Learn more about the Inventory module.