Payroll Management Software

ECOUNT ERP provides a Payroll module to track employee compensation and to generate payroll. Earnings and deduction vary by each business’s pay structure. ECOUNT ERP can be easily configured to fit perfectly for all businesses. All payroll is integrated with the overtime and leave management for accurate and easy payroll.


  • An online ERP software allows users to access anytime, anywhere
  • Manage payroll and HR activities on an integrated software
  • Manage payroll for as many employees as necessary
  • Customize the earnings, deductions, and allowances to your business needs
  • Integrated with the Accounting and e-Approval modules for improved efficiency
  • Employees can access recent and backdated pay stubs through our online system

Key Functions

  • Payroll Management : Generate payroll for employees in multiple departments and with different payment frequencies and wages.
  • Customizable Earnings & Deductions : The wages and deductions can be easily customized to fit the governmental requirements of your country. You can also select from your list of earnings and deductions to apply holiday bonuses with ease.
  • Accessible Online : Not only can the HR staff access the Payroll module - all employees can easily access the program for their pay stubs.
  • Overtime & Leave Management : Customize the leave tracker to fit your HR needs. Manage the allocated vacation, personal and sick days while tracking overtime pay for all employees. Easily apply the overtime and leave data for accurate payroll.