Inventory Management Software

ECOUNT ERP is SaaS ERP software with an inventory module to track and manage inventory with greater speed and efficiency. Many businesses carry far too much inventory and cannot easily see what is selling and what isn't. This ties up valuable resources and creates an inefficient company. Furthermore, if the sales, inventory, and purchasing modules are not integrated, more valuable resources are wasted due to redundant re-keying and unnecessary purchases. ECOUNT ERP allows businesses to clearly evaluate their inventory to see ways they can improve. An integrated inventory system gives up-to-date inventory information in all locations. ECOUNT ERP inventory management software helps small and medium sized businesses take control of their inventory issues.


  • Online ERP software allows users to access anytime, anywhere
  • Generate real-time inventory reports in a matter of minutes
  • Visibility over inventory movement
  • Inventory movement is reflected in both sales and accounting modules reducing re-keying
  • Multiple assessment methods - choose the best method for your business
  • Track production quality and warranties with greater accuracy
  • Easier to spot omissions or errors
  • Manage user settings and access
  • Multilingual – English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese


  • Barcode Tracking: With a barcode generator, businesses can scan and track fixed assets and inventory with greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • Location Management: Users can manage an unlimited number of locations, warehouses, distribution centers, stores, and more. View up-to-date inventory levels, manage inventory adjustments, and add new locations with the click of a button.
  • After-sales Management: The after-sales management software helps businesses manage warranties, upgrades, and repairs easily.
  • Serial Number Management: Assign serial numbers to differentiate raw materials, finished goods, and BOMs. Users can either create special serial numbers for specific products or the numbers can be automatically generated.
  • Customizable Reports: Users can customize sales and inventory templates to meet their unique needs. With ECOUNT, managers can use up-to-date reports to make informed decisions.
  • CS Portal: The CS portal is a separate program that allows customers and vendors to send emails, place orders, view order statuses, submit invoices, and view inventory levels.
  • Inventory Adjustment: Easily make adjustments to the physical inventory. The module is integrated with the Costing module, which allows for greater insight into the profit analysis.
  • Customer Activity & Insights: The All-In-One feature allows users to pull up all the data for a particular customer or vendor. This includes sales, purchases, accounts receivable, accounts payable, customer contact information and more.
Learn more about the Production module.