Online Approval Tracking Software

The approval process must flow seamlessly to ensure decisions are made and work is approved in a timely manner. However, it is easy to lose documents or simply forget about a request with all the decisions that must be made. ECOUNT ERP provides an approval management feature to help small and midsized businesses manage the approval process. The e-Approval feature is convenient, reduces physical paperwork, and integrates all departments.

Common Issues

  • The approval process has bottlenecks and is not completed in a timely manner.
  • Lack of communication in the approval process and cannot find out when a document was approved or rejected and by whom.
  • Too many documents to keep track of for purchase requests, purchase orders, sales orders, expense reports, etc.
  • Redundant and inefficient tasks required for approval process.
  • Difficulty organizing approved documents.
With ECOUNT ERP, users can manage the approval process with greater ease and transparency. Instead of submitting documents, users can submit a request through the ECOUNT system, attach documents and see the progress status with a few clicks. Users can submit proposals, vouchers, purchase requests and more.


  • Approved documents are automatically loaded to the relevant module, including Accounting, Sales, and Purchasing module.
  • Reduce redundant tasks and the risk of errors.
  • Upload the current templates for approvals. There is no need to recreate it in the system.
  • Reduce bottlenecks and the time spent waiting for approvals.
  • Track the progress status of a submission and add comments once approved.

Key Functions

Integrated approval process

  • The data from the approved submissions, including a payment journal,
    quote, purchase order, etc. are automatically applied to the relevant
  • The e-Approval documents are connected to ERP
    • Accounting Module: payment journal, receipt journal, suspense account
      journal, and accounting voucher.
    • Sales: quote and sales order.
    • Purchasing: purchase request and purchase order.
    • Inventory/Production: purchase request and job order.
[Create submission with linked slips]

Create drafts

  • Create different approval templates for sales reports, daily reports, etc.
    Easily upload templates created in Word or Excel to ECOUNT.
  • Simply select the template to use when composing a draft.
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Approval status

  • Track the progress status of a submission easily. Users can see if a
    submission was approved, denied and who has yet to approve the
  • Program administrators can add comments, bypass the approval line, or
    skip certain approvers to the end of the line.
  • Attach a file or document when creating a draft.
  • Managers can add comments to a draft while a user is composing a draft.
  • All submissions, including denied submissions, remain in the program as a
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